Must-Have Tools We Use to Sell Your Home Faster

Must-Have Tools We Use to Sell Your Home Faster

Sellers listing their homes on the North Druid Hills real estate market might be wondering how to expedite their transactions. Local agents leverage nearby amenities like the neighborhood’s top-rated universities, varied art scene, and nearby shopping at Emory Village to entice buyers, as well as marketing tactics like competitive pricing and MLS access to plan out a quicker sale. If selling quickly is one of your top goals, here are some of the must-have tools we use to sell your home faster.

Professional staging efforts

Buyers who feel immersed in a property they’re viewing are more likely to make an offer that results in a sale. Professional staging helps create an immersive, luxurious experience where buyers can imagine their own belongings in a space. In fact, according to the NAR, staged homes sold 3 to 30 times faster than similar non-staged homes. Staged homes also have the added bonus of increasing perceived value, which can result in an ROI of 5 to 10% over the listing price.

Professional stagers know how to make the most of buyers’ expectations in the area, local interior design trends, and general real estate staging tactics to prepare a home that buyers are sure to love. Typically, staged homes are decorated in neutral colors, are clean and decluttered, and are well-lit with both natural and artificial light. Curb appeal is also important in making a positive first impression, especially for luxury homes with large yards like those on the North Druid Hills real estate market.

Professional photography

Most buyers start their home searches online on public sites and peruse numerous listings. This means the first impression they get of a seller’s home is through listing photos they find online. Poor listing photos can misrepresent a property’s true potential, come off as untrustworthy to a buyer, or fail to catch a buyer’s eye in a search. This may cause a home listing to linger longer on the market with little interest.

Thus, it’s essential to take professional photos to sell a house fast. A professional photographer has the experience and skills to take beautiful, visually intriguing photos that provide buyers with a consistent view of the property and all its architectural features. They’ll make sure all of the important areas of the home are photographed well and edit each image for light, focus, and clarity. Then, your North Druid Hills real estate agent can organize your photos in a compelling way for buyers to view online.

Comparative market analysis

Setting the wrong price can make or break a home sale. Homes that are priced too low may sell quickly, but a seller loses out on profits that could be used toward closing costs, agent commissions, or another home purchase. On the other hand, an overpriced home is more likely to linger on the market, which may appear suspicious to buyers. In an effort to sell, a seller may have to reduce the listing’s price, which can also appear undesirable.

To avoid this, an agent will run a comparative market analysis to accurately price a client’s listing by analyzing the prices of similar homes sold in the area.  Many factors impact a home’s price, including its size, condition, features, and surrounding location. An agent will know how to account for these characteristics and evaluate the market trends to come up with a competitive price that will spark buyer interest.

Agent connections

A local agent with years of experience will have connections with other buyers’ agents in the area. They’ll use these connections to find potential buyers and schedule in-person showings. This increases a listing’s visibility and chances of receiving an offer, which can lead to a much quicker sale.

Access to the local MLS

All licensed real estate agents have access to the local MLS, which is incredibly valuable when timing and marketing a listing. Sellers should try to list their homes in a sellers’ market, which is when the housing supply is low and buyer demand is high. This creates more buyer competition, pushes up median prices, and gives sellers more leverage in negotiations.

An agent also uses their MLS access to market homes on the North Druid Hills real estate scene. Homes listed on the MLS are visible to all other agents in the area, who then show their clients. MLS listings also spread onto public sites that buyers use in their searches, which boosts its visibility. More visibility increases the chances of receiving an offer and a faster home sale.

Online and offline marketing tactics

Alongside using the MLS, an agent markets a property online and offline to generate a quicker sale. They’ll use online tactics like putting ads or links to listings on popular social media platforms, listing the home on their own website, and preparing other online resources for a buyer to use, like virtual tours or videos of the property.

Offline, a seller’s agent places a sign in front of the house to create local interest, schedules home showings for individual buyers, sends out paper flyers or listings to reach all buyer groups, and plans an open house to bring in even more potential buyers.

A personalized approach

Local and expert agents know how important taking a personalized approach is to a successful home sale. The fastest way to sell a home is to create a focused plan and to offer a clear avenue of communication to avoid roadblocks and setbacks. An agent will ask questions that clarify a seller’s goals, be available to answer any questions, and provide advice for sellers for a quicker sale.

Ready to sell your home?

There are several tools an agent uses to sell homes quickly. If you’re ready to sell your home on the North Druid Hills real estate market quickly and without all the stress, contact trusted local Realtor Heather Cummings for expert services and top-tier guidance that you can count on.

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