Heather Cummings’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Brookhaven

Heather Cummings’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Brookhaven

The market for Brookhaven real estate is competitive right now. Homes spend between two and four weeks on the market and sell for an amount slightly below the initial listing price. Some sellers will receive multiple offers and go under contract for a price higher than their original asking amount. If you want the best chance of making the highest profits when you sell your home, make sure you follow the home-selling tips that you’ll read about below.

Think about where you’ll price your home

To generate the most interest and get the best offers on your home, you’ll have to come up with a competitive asking price. The first step is to ask your realtor to run a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis, on your home. This report will tell you more about what homes in your area have sold for in recent months. You’ll learn what prices homes are commanding per square foot and how much homes are selling for based on their age, location, and size. You can use this report to evaluate your home’s appraised value.

There are a few other factors that you can consider as you think about where you’ll price your home. Remember that buyers often filter their online searches with a maximum price at a round number. You won’t want to price your home slightly above a number such as $600,000 or $700,000 because buyers who set their searches to filter out homes at higher prices won’t see your home. Instead, you can price your home slightly lower, such as $595,000. The exception is if you look for homes priced slightly above one of these round numbers and notice that there aren’t any homes for sale. Some buyers will shop for homes in this range because it’s what they are preapproved for, and you may be able to dominate this section of the market if your home is the only option available.

Order an inspection ahead of time

Most buyers will schedule an inspection shortly after they agree to a deal to purchase a home. The inspector will let them know if the home has any serious structural or foundational concerns. If the buyer has an option period or an inspection contingency in their contract, they can walk away from the deal entirely or ask to renegotiate the sales price if they are uncomfortable with what the inspection reveals about the home. You can save yourself potential trouble down the road if you purchase your own inspection ahead of time. This allows you to take whatever steps are necessary to resolve the issues or disclose them on the home listing so that there are no surprises when the home goes under contract.

Think about the best time to sell

If your timeline for selling is flexible, you may want to think about the best season to list your home for sale. Most homeowners find that they can make more money when they list their homes during the late spring or early summer. Buyer activity is stronger during these months for several reasons, including the return of tax refunds and the end of the school year. The market usually stays hot through August before cooling down in September. It’s usually tougher to sell a home during the winter, so try to avoid November, December, and January if you can.

Once you have your home listing ready to go, target Thursday afternoon around 5 p.m. as the best time to make your listing public. Thursday is a popular day to list homes for sale because it gives buyers a chance to make plans to see the home in person during the upcoming weekend. You’ll also remain close to the top of the list when the weekend comes for buyers who don’t shop for homes during the work week.

Do a few small upgrades

If you’re not going to immediately put your home on the market, you still have some time to make upgrades to your home that will allow your property to stand out on the market. You may think about which renovations and projects offer the best ROI. You can also look at homes for sale at a price similar to where you’ll be listing your home. Pay attention to any themes or patterns you see developing as you look at different home listings. Your home could stand at a competitive disadvantage if it doesn’t offer the same features or amenities as these other properties. For example, if all of the homes in your price range have expanded outdoor living spaces, but your home doesn’t have a deck or patio, you’ll want to make this upgrade before you list your home. Otherwise, buyers may notice that your home is lacking this amenity, and they could decide to look elsewhere.

Work with a local realtor

Your realtor will help you determine the best possible price for your home. They will also work with you on a marketing plan that will generate greater interest from potential buyers. They can help you respond to offers from interested buyers, and they will use their negotiating skills to ensure you get the best possible deal. You won’t have to worry about preparing for closing on your own or understanding all of the nuances of your contract because your realtor will be by your side the entire time, answering your questions and educating you about each step of the process.

Heather Cummings has helped many people earn top dollar for their Brookhaven homes for sale. She has a deep awareness of what the local market is currently doing, and she uses this insight to educate each of her clients on how to make wise decisions when listing their homes. Reach out to Heather if you have questions about putting your home on the market or if you’re ready to take the next step toward selling your home. She will be more than happy to help you.

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